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The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools and colleges across the country. Education has changed dramatically over the last two months, with a considerable rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is executed remotely and on digital platforms.
Tens of thousands of students are glued to computers and smartphone screens as teachers and students enter a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. Though e-learning poses a challenge to both students and teachers over technology and access, it is keeping everyone busy with lectures, worksheets and assignments.
Advantages of online classes ;-

1. Online Competency-Based Learning
Competency-based learning allows a student to attain transferable skills and competencies. Such teaching is learner-focused and not dependent on any other factor. The important aspect that every student has a different learning style and level of engagement usually go unaddressed in regular offline classes where many students hesitate in interacting with the teacher due to peer competition or domineering students in the class.
2. Creating High Calibre Learning Pathways for Future
Various online education platforms have made it easy for students to develop new skills while continuing with a regular course at a college/university.
3. High Engagement
As a result, online classes increase student engagement. The classes with multimedia content are easily accessible on any device and give control to students over how they take in the material.
4. Reduced Distractions
Another great thing about online classes is that assessment is an ongoing process. There is increased student engagement as there is no peer distraction. Away from the competition and dominant students, there is increased involvement of students in asking doubts and initiating an interaction. Moreover, some concepts are better taught online.
5.Quick Assessment
Online classes have enabled the teachers to quickly assess the learning of students as and when they teach. Shy students may actively participate in answering these questions as chat does away with the fear of ‘What if I am wrong?.
6.on line courses teach the students self discipline and connect to global village

Disadvantages of E-Learning:-
 Online student feedback is limited
 Lack of communicational skill development in online students
 Online instructor tend to focus on theory rather than practice
 Online lacks face-to-face communication
 Online learning is inaccessible to the computer illiterate population

Online courses, especially college online courses, can be quite beneficial for a busy student. … Online classes can often be more cost-effective than traditional classes and can be done at a pace the student is comfortable with. For middle and high school students, the logistics of online courses can also be beneficial.

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