Social Dynamics & Communication Skills

Social dynamics is a term stemmed from the idea of the change in the behavior of an individual due the influence of those around him in a group. Communication today is one of the most important skill, not everyone is a good communicator and faces the side effects of not being able to communicate well. Surviving in the world today you must know the proper to act when in a public setting. If you are unable to communicate properly. You maybe casted as an out-cast. The social dynamics help you gauge what kind of behavior is acceptable in what setting. You cannot behave in the same manner wherever you go. For instance if you go to a formal meeting you need to follow the decorum of the meeting and behave keeping in mind all the etiquettes and mannerisms. However, if you go to your best friend’s place for a slumber you must not behave like the way you behaved in the office meeting. If you do so, your best friend might drag you to the hospital to get you checked if you are in your senses.

Thus it is very important to realize the dynamics of social behavior of the setting you are in. and improve the way you communicate to different people. We learn to communicate from the moment we are born. We cry when we want attention, food and to get changed. Here are a few things that will help you communicate in a more effective way.

  • Learn to listen

Listening is the best way to communicate. A good listener is a good communicator. When you pay close attention and listen to what a person has to say you are able to learn a lot of thing you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t listen attentively. In an argument most people do not listen and keep saying what they want that gives the fire more fuel. If you first listen to what the other person has to say, you might as well understand the point. If not then you might be able to respond in a better way and give your input properly. If we develop the habit of listening to others our communication skills will drastically improve. Listening helps you not only in being able to respond well but it also helps you with other things such as in big companies who produce goods or offer services, it is important for them to listen to what the customers have to say so that they direct their products and services towards them.  It is better to produce goods for a directed audience rather than just making things and sending it out in the world.

  • Read Up

Reading is a great way to hone your communication skills. When you read you realize how to use different words for different purposes, you learn how to formulate your sentences and convey your point in the best way possible. Reading is a great language enhancer, you are able to learn vocabulary, different sentence structures and even the art of saying things indirectly to make an impact. Moreover, if you read expansively you are able to get so much information of all around the world. You will learn new things and add to your chest of knowledge. This will help you sound knowledgeable and articulate when you have a conversation with anyone. A well-read person is easily distinguished from people who avoid reading. According to many specialists it is seen that good reading skills are reciprocal to good speaking skills. Reading helps you formulate your own stories in a chronological order and you are able to entertain the other person in the conversation well enough. Read up on different forms and types of literature so that you increase your knowledge and have a great conversation that is based on a rich exchange of knowledge.

  • Pay Attention To The Body Language

Body language is considered to be the 70% of every conversation. Most people are unaware of the phenomenon that we converse more with our bodies rather than our mouths. We use the gift of able bodies to assist what our mouth is saying. Body language includes the stature, hand gestures, facial expressions and even the pitch and tone of your voice. Each of them impact what you are saying. The same sentence can sound different if you say it in different tones. Body language is what puts the life in our sentences. We can use our body language to imply things that our mouth is not uttering. For example if you are sitting in a slouched manner, people will immediately realize that you are tired, even if you don’t tell them. Similarly if you talk to some one while clenching your fists as tightly as you can; it shows that you are either fuming with rage or are in intense pain. In a conversation, you tell a lot about the person you are talking just by the way they stand. So when you are in a conversation, keep your senses heightened and pay close attention to all the body language radiating off of the other person. You can respond to their body language using your own body for example if you are talking to someone and they are standing tall, then you need to straighten your posture and match theirs so that you can communicate properly.

  • Learn The Norms Of Your Surrounding

Norms are the acceptable behavior pattern that exist uniquely across all cultures and social gatherings. To know the norms of a particular gathering is very important as it will help you gel in with the crowed and you will be able to communicate in a better way. When you enter a new group or social setting, it is important that you first observe the set of norms that are being practiced there. Observing at first will help you mold your conversations and mannerisms into the norms. This will be a great idea to do as then you will have a high chance of being accepted in the group and earn the respect and attention of the other group members. It is a universal phenomenon that you need to adapt to new surroundings in the hope of surviving.

If you are able to successfully master this skill you will have enhanced your communication skills in a high amplitude.


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