Speaking In Public Places

Speaking In Public Places

(How to overcome the fear to the audience;minimalistic approach to presentations, etc.)

February 2020.

Rashmi Khandare

Numerous surveys have revealed that people are more afraid of public speaking. There is even a technical name for this fear- “GLOSSOPHOBIA”

If you break into sweat and your knees start to tremble when you hear the sentence “You have to give a speech, “ You may have “ glossophobia ”. The size of the audience doesn’t matter. Some experience a great deal of anxiety regardless of whether they have to make a presentation to a small group or give a speech to a large room full of people. It is worth your while to overcome this fear since you may be called upon this at some point in your career. Learn how to effectively and calmly speak to a group by following these 5 steps.

  • Learn as much as you can about your topic :- When you are called upon to make a presentation, take the time to learn about the subject matter. The more you know , the more comfortable you swill sharing your knowledge with others.
  • Find out who your audience will be :- Are you going to be addressing people who are experts in your subject matter. It will be easier to thorough with your knowledge even though the audience will cross question you. It will be easy to answer them.
  • Don’t memorize your speech :- Don’t attempt to commit your entire speech to memory. Things could spiral out of control if suddenly forget a line. Instead , try to memorize your outline and the essence of what you want to say the audience.
  • Speak slowly :- People tend to talk more quickly when they are nervous so make a conscious effort to slow down.
  • Dress well, but comfortably :- Wear professional attire for your presentation. It should be an outfit that looks good as well as feel good.




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