Pooja Vibhakar: Building Emotional Intelligence In Kids

Parenting is not that easy. The most difficult thing to do is raise a child but it can be the most enlightening thing that you have ever indulged in.

Sending children to school is not enough to help a child be a good human. A parent’s involvement matters as much as a teacher’s involvement does. The future of education does include parents. The more the parents are involved the more enlightened their children turn out to be.

Most parents don’t let their child decide what they want. Rather, they guide them in what they think is best for their child. Obviously no parent consciously wants to ruin their child’s future. But we fail to notice the subtle clues and unspoken emotions when it comes to what the child wants to do in life, whether it’s becoming a doctor, engineer, lawyer, or an artist. Some parents want their child to become a doctor for example, which can be financially rewarding, which they equate with a successful life. However, what they don’t realize is that their child may be a great artist and can be financially successful, while enjoying working.

Ask your children what you can do to make them feel more loved. Sit with them before you react. Climb inside their head and match their words and their breathing before you say anything. Create a safe space to encourage your child to communicate feelings to you.

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