Prof: Anagha Satvi- 3 Pros of Social Media



  1. Great source of information

Of course, social networking isn’t all bad. You’ve probably heard stories about  Even at a more basic level, it’s been used by countless parents and grandparents to keep track of their children and grandchildren as they go travelling or head off to college.

  1. Social Media is connecting people

Social networking is also the cause of huge numbers of relationships around the world, although it can also help to bring them to an end. But despite this, there are youngsters alive today who only exist in the first place because their parents were brought together by social networking sites.

  1. Social Media and its users are getting mature

Social media can indeed have a bad influence, on adults as well as on children, but it’s been some years since its introduction and it’s currently going through its adolescence and heading towards full maturity. It’s a little bit like the early days of E-commerce, when nobody shopped online because they were afraid that they’d be ripped off. Then E-commerce matured and sites like Amazon and eBay helped to legitimize it.

The same thing has started to happen on social networking sites, with people favoring quality over quantity and developing a level of saviness that just wasn’t there in the early days. Most of us now have an instinct that tells us when a piece of news is fake or when a Twitter account is just a bot that’s trying to get us to click a malicious link.

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