• The human stomach can dissolve razor blades.

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On the rare occasion that you swallow a razor blade, don’t fret. The human body is more capable than you think. Acids are ranked on a scale from 0 to 14—the lower the pH level, the stronger the acid. Human stomach acid is typically 1.0 to 2.0, meaning that it has an impeccably strong pH. In a study scientists found that ” back of a single-edged blade dissolved after two hours of immersion in stomach acid”.

  • A laser can get trapped in water

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Yes, really . Thats how you see colourful fountains and watershows . A cool thing called total internal reflection is applied when pointing a laser beam through a container of water. When light travels through water, it’s slowed by the heavier particles in water. Thus, the laser beam effectively gets “trapped” in the water.

  • Earth’s oxygen is produced by the ocean

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Ever stopped to think where oxygen comes from? Your first thought may be a rainforest, but marine organisms take the bait. Plankton, seaweed and other photosynthesizers produce over 50% of the world’s oxygen.

  • A cloud can weigh over a million poundsImage result for clouds

 The average cumulus( type of cloud) cloud can weigh up to a million pounds. A million pounds! That’s about as heavy as the world’s largest passenger jet. Which is bit more than 450000 kg.

  • There are more trees on Earth than stars in our galaxy

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NASA experts believe there could be anywhere from 100 billion to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. However, a paper published in the journal Nature estimated that the number of trees around the world is much higher: 3.04 trillion.

  • Only one letter doesn’t appear in the periodic table


Any guesses,It’s the letter J. Go ahead and double check.


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