Pooja Vibhakar: Fostering Confidence and Resiliency in Your Young Child

Struggle is something that is so difficult to watch our children, no matter what their age, go through. It is our mama and papa bear instincts to swoop in and protect them from all the harsh words, experiences, and people that they may encounter in their day and allowing them to feel the sting of rejection or struggle is a hard pill for any parent to swallow. However, struggle has its purpose in childhood as it does in all of our lives. From struggle comes problem solving. From problem solving comes success. From success comes confidence. And from confidence comes resiliency. Life at any chapter of age is speckled with struggle, and it is our job as parents and caregivers to teach the little people in our lives how to bounce back and dust themselves off.

But, how do you even start to do that? Is resilience something that can even be taught? Or is it something that you are just born with? As a teacher with 16 years of early childhood experience under my belt and a mother to a blossoming preschooler, I’ve seen that, while some children are born with natural confidence and resilience, we as caretakers can take certain steps in everyday life to help our beloved little ones who may need an extra nudge in the face of struggle to build that resilient skin that will help them face the world with confidence.

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