Disappearing Sparrows

The friendly chirp on the window sill will soon be a sight for sore eyes in Mumbai, as the innocuous sparrow is being wiped out from the urban jungle. ‘A sparrow is to the city what a tiger is to the forest’ can best sum up today’s situation, signifying how sparrows are the bio-indicators of an urban environment, much like the tiger whose decline indicates a threat to the ecosystem.While no one can be singled out for the declining sparrow population, it is humans who are collectively responsible for it, explains Mohammed Dilawar, President, Nature Forever Society (NFS), a crusader for the sparrow as well as other common flora and fauna in urban habitats. Through his non-governmental, non-profit organisation, he has been championing the cause of sparrows, by involving citizens in the conservation movement, especially in urban areas.An NFS initiative creating positive impact is World Sparrow Day, celebrated on March 20 annually, to raise awareness about conserving the sparrow population

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