How to deal a child with Kinaesthetic Personality?

What is Kinaesthetic Personality?

            Kinaesthetic Person is one who learns best by feeling. The kinaesthetic is an emotional person who has to feel things before he can learn them. That’s the kind of person who falls in love with people after he feels they are good. The kinaesthetic person might be emotionally sensitive and can get easily hurt. His emotions can always be seen on his face. It’s very common to notice a sudden change on the facial features of a kinaesthetic person as soon as he feels bad.

            The symptoms of a Kinaesthetic Personality

Here are some factors that can help:

  • Kinesthetic people speak slowly
  • They use words such as “I feel” or “i don’t feel” a lot.
  • They pause a lot while talking as they have to feel what they are saying

Learning Style:

  • Kinasthetic People learn through their bodies & sense of touch.. They wiggle, tap, jump but can’t seem sit still.
  • They are good in running, swimming, dancing, and other sports.
  • They great have eye-hand co-ordination & quick reaction.
  • They learn better by games, building blocks.

How to deal with a Kinasthetic Person?

As the kinaesthetic person is more sensitive that a normal person, be kind to that person & touch him whenever possible. Don’t try to rush to the person to make the decision for him he has to take his time to feel what he is about to do.  Always try to seek new techniques to deal with this kind of personality.

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