Exam stress can be really challenging , not only for kids but also for their parents and teachers too. Since exam season is here, the horrors of board exams have downed upon the students and parents . parents are often noticed showing high levels of stress than children.

I have read one article that i would like to share here.
Dear parents,
I know you’re very concerned about your child’s good performance in the exam.
But remember one thing these kids who are taking the exam are some good future artist who have no need to learn mathematics.It also has representatives from some future big companies who have no need to understand history or literature.
There are some great musicians in these kids who don’t need science marks.There are some good informants who don’t need to understand all these topics. Fitness is enough for them.
If your child brings good marks then it is a good thing but if you do not bring the child insults to his or her self-esteem, do not break his confidence.
If he can’t make good marks, then just give him the courage and say that this is a normal test. If you were born to do all these 3 works of faith.
If it brings low marks, let us say that you are generous or adorable and we love you very much. And if you do, your child will be taken aback by the world.Your child’s talent can never be determined by a 100 marks paper.Teach your children to be a better person.

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