Tigers are in Danger!

Do you like to visit the tigers at the zoo? If so, it is easy to see why: they are beautiful, powerful and the biggest cats in the world.

In the safety of zoos, zoologists and researchers can study them and share what they know to people who visit. In the wild, tigers are the top predator. Yet, being the top predator does not make life easy for them. In every place tigers live, they are endangered, or at risk of disappearing from the wild. The reasons are complicated, but there are people trying to save as many tigers as they can. Let’s look at those reasons now.


There are poachers, or illegal hunters, who kill tigers and sell their body parts to people who think they will get stronger and more powerful with tiger parts. Poachers only hunt tigers to make money for themselves, which is a big problem for the tigers. For example, a mother tiger might get caught in a poacher’s trap. Without the mother tiger, the cubs will not survive, so the poacher ended up killing more than just one tiger in his trap.

Habitat Loss

Another huge problem for tigers everywhere is habitat loss. A habitat is the environment where an animal lives. Tigers can’t just live anywhere. They need a habitat that has forest and grassland, and they need to be far apart from each other. Tigers spend most of their lives alone, so they do not do well when they are too close together. As you can see, tigers need lots of space to hunt and live.

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