Ban on plastics bags all over India

As we cannot live without Mobile phones for a minute same way plastics bags are also a part of daily use. We are not aware about or we do not want to listen that  use of plastic bags is making our life worst because it does not decompose and it is adversely affecting our Environment where Animals and fishes consume it and they do not survive .Even Migratory birds consume it and they also do not survive. Last few years it was seen the movement of migratory birds in our country was very less because of garbage dumped  plastic bags consumption. In India , there are lakhs of tons plastic bags are dumped off .It cannot be recycled and reused. So, Government of  India decided to ban on all types of plastics bags and they are going to take strict action on use of plastic bags.despite of strict action,those who does not follow  the rule they are going to penalised with Rs.5000.There are optional things we can use like Jute bags , cloth bags and paper bags and avoid use of plastic bags.

Save Environment, Save Our Earth .


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