Addiction of Playing Video Games

Now a days we are seeing that every parent wants to make their child  “Be Smart” and its true. It helps to improve the cognitive development of child such as  enhances memory. improves problem-solving skill, and eye – hand coordination. It is a great source of learning which implement their grasping power.

We’ve all seen how a  1-year-old child already knows how to slide the cellphone screen open. It’s both amazing and horrifying, that this little person can’t walk yet, but remembers how to manipulate gadgets. It’s mimicry behavior, really – which is a good reason to consider how often we use our devices around our children in the first place.

Mostly kids are playing video games atleast for one hour a day

So the effects of playing video game and playing game on mobile  both good or bad. It develop the skill of quick thinking and accuracy contrary it impact on kids health problem such as increase the risk of childhood obesity, sometimes  they skip meal, mood dysregulation, aggression and sleep disturbance.

Again, all of these negative side-effects are really the result of overexposure. It’s hard to get enough  active, play and exercise.






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