Saving money begins with your mindset.

Avoid thinking of money-saving techniques as restrictive — although they can often feel that way. At NerdWallet, we think about a budget as a spending plan because saving money doesn’t mean you have to quit spending altogether. It just means you have to prioritize some financial goals over others.

Depending on how much you want to save, here’s how to do it.

Monthly savings

Lowering recurring payments may require some legwork, but the potential savings make the effort worthwhile. You could save as much as $40 per month by changing your cable package or more than $50 per month by refinancing your car loan. Keep reading for more ways to save on monthly expenses.

Saving over the long term — to build an emergency fund, take your dream vacation or make a down payment on a new home — doesn’t just happen. It requires planning and discipline. Learn how to set goals, track spending and save on your biggest expenses.

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