How to use social media in your classroom

How to use social media in your classroom

Technology is changing the world at a rapid pace, and education isn’t exempt from the effects of that.
1) You will globalize your classroom.
2) You will connect with families.
3) Take pictures of the progression of a student project or track their learning. Use it to post homework.
4) Share Classroom news with parents and faculty.
5) Showcase students work.
6) Remind students of upcoming class events.
7) Flip the classroom by posing question and asking the students to contribute.
8) Give a students a current event and ask them would have.
9) Take videos of real life examples of the content as a study guide or ask students to identify the video based on the content.
Conclusion : So, I think Social media , in particular , is one of the greatest influences of our time-not just on young people, but on culture in general-encouraging social connections of thoughts and information on a global scale.

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