Pollution caused due to Diwali festival

Diwali is one the religious festivals of Hindus. It is celebrated every year by lighting candles and diyas to illuminate houses, markets, offices, shops and by making rangolis ,preparing sweets , visiting friends and relatives and one of the important factor is burning fire crackers in form of Diwali celebration.

As burning of fire crackers is rejoicing the festival but it is not good practice. It is taking away the festival beauty and it is now much criticised .As it is adding to pollution to Earth. Air pollution level rises extremely high during Diwali as smoke is emitted by burning crackers which make air harmful to breathe. It causes various diseases.Lungs are worst affected by it.Crackers increases land pollution too as some of its pieces are non-biodegradable.It is toxic in nature.

Lastly it also leads to noise pollution and especially creates problems for old people, students, animals and sick people too. Animals are worstly affected by it. As to conclude firecrackers is causing serious harm to environment.After knowing abput its effects still people are indulge in this act. This is  today’s scenario , we all are responsible citizen of our country so it is our duty to stop it and make our environment free from pollution .


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