It is that time of the year again. A time when the people of India observe a string of festivals, culminating in Diwali and Christmas at the year-end. The media has a name for it: the festive season. Though

I am not against Indians celebrating any religious festival, I do take offence to the manner in which they do that, causing irreparable damage to the environment.I would say that the so-called Indian faiths cause a lot of environmental pollution. However, I would not include the religious beliefs of India’s tribals and forest-dwelling communities in this category. That is because their beliefs are not organised. They love the trees and groves. They don’t have temples, mosques and churches. Their festival observances are very simple, something that we, the so-called civilised masses, should learn from.

Festivals are one of the most important things in our life. So many people set their goals at some festivals. People forget their past differences and do a new beginning. It increases love, joy, happiness, and peace in our life. But we should also be aware that we are not harming our nature and mother earth while enjoying the festival. Nature is all we have, and it is the most beautiful thing. We should not ruin it and try to save it as much as possible.

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