In today’s fast-flowing life the students are actively engaged in lots of extra activities including studies, which at the end of the day makes them tired. So it is the need of the hour to give them better ways to study and make their future bright.


1. STICK TO PRINT:-  It’s better to use printed notes rather than digital device as it can cause harm to eyes, backbone, and mind. As a psychology lecturer finds that students required more repetition to learn new material if they were reading on a computer screen versus reading printed material.

2. EXERCISE FIRST:- The benefits of exercise on the brain have been well established in the fields of health, fitness, and psychology. Studies show our brainpower gets a boost following even a short workout, as our bodies are pumping oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Breaking a sweat shortly before cracking the books can make you more alert, open, and able to learn new information during your post-workout study session.

3. RELAX:- After long hours of studying a short break is beneficial. Meditation is a good medicine to relax our brain so that it works more efficiently.

4. REMIND BEFORE SLEEP:- It’s an exercise to make the brain remember all the activities happened in a day. It increases the capacity to remember things for a longer time.

5. CHANGE YOUR SCENERY:- A change of scenery impacts learning and concentration abilities. A psychologist suggests that simply moving to a different room to study (or going a step further and learning amongst the great outdoors) could increase both your concentration and retention levels.

6. REVISION:- The first time you hear a lecture or study something new, you retain up to 80% of what you’ve just learned and if you review the material within 24 hours it makes up 100%. students should use active recall method by closing the book and reciting everything they can remember up to that point to practice long-term memorization.

7. LEARN THE CONCEPTS:- Instead of mugging up the answers its better to understand the concept. Read the concept and imagine that you have to explain it to a small kid, this way helps to do studies better and effectively.

8. DON’T OVER LEARN:- Once you’ve been able to cycle through your concepts without making a single mistake, you may feel a sense of satisfaction and you may feel a charge of adrenaline and be tempted to continue studying. When you come to this point, keep in mind don’t try to ”overlearn.”

9. CHANGE OF SUBJECT:- Don’t focus on one subject for long time it drains your mind and makes you feel uncomfortable with the subject to make it unfavorite subject.

10. FORGET LEARNING STYLES:-  Last but not least, every kid has their own strategy and method of learning. so by listening to others don’t change your learning techniques.

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