The world is changing rapidly whatever is found today is likely to be outdated tomorrow. In the twenty first century, it is believed that there is ‘information’ prime in all. The people having the communicative skills and wide information are of the more importance than the others. In other words the person who have the great knowledge got importance in today’s world, and good knowledge can be accquire through good language command,  Another characteristic of the century is that earth is becoming smaller and smaller and seems a global village. And as an international language English is the language of this global village. Kaur (1992) has stated, “since, English is the language of science and technology, it is important for industrial and economic development. Our scientist, technologist, engineers and doctors need English not only to have an access to professional literature in English but also communicate with their counterparts in other parts of the world.” Further he states that, “English is the language needed by all- India institutes as well as the language preferred by all India seminar, conference, workshops etc. it is the language preferred by the legal and banking systems, defense and commerce. In some state of India and in some disciplines, English continuous to be the medium of instruction.”

English may be called the language of the world civilization. Its readiness, flexibility, elegance, its dignity seems to have made it universally popular. Elizabeth and Rao (2004) stated that even Gandhiji said in ‘thoughts of national language’ that “I hold its knowledge as a second language to be indispensable for specified Indians who have to represent the country’s interest in international domain. I regard English language as an open window for peeping into western thoughts and science.” In our country there are schools having respective native language as medium of instruction. And in this schools English is being taught as one of the subject, as second or foreign language. Through out the country English language is taught as a second language in some state and as a foreign language in other state. Foreign language is that which is taught in schools but it does not plan an essential role in national or social life. English is neither used as a native language nor as a second language, may it be in use as a foreign language.  As per the view of Raman (2004) “In most cases English co-exist with state language of India. For example in west-Bengal the state language is ‘Bengali’ where as English is use as the second language. Generally, English is use as the second language in India. Second language stands for a cover term for any language other than the first language.”

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