Think-Share – Pair

  Think-Share – Pair


Think-pair-share is a collaborative teaching strategy first proposed by Frank Lyman of the University of Maryland in 1981. It can be used to help students from individual ideas, discuss and share with the others in-group. It can be used before reading or teaching a concept and works better with smaller groups.

Advantages: The interaction with students at personal level is intended to motivate those students who may not be generally interested in the topic. Different kinds and levels of questions can be asked from lower order to higher order thinking questions . Teacher can understand the different thought processes of the students while listening to the pairs and when the students share their view at the end.

Conclusion : With Think-Pair-Share, students are given time to think through their own answers to the questions are answered by other peers and the discussion moves on. Students also have the opportunity to think aloud with another student about their responses before being asked to share their ideas publicly. This strategy provides an opportunity for all students to share their thinking with at least one other student; this , in turn ,increases their sense of involvement in classroom learning. The quality of responses of students also improves.

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