The Bhulkan Vihar School at Pal in Surat conducted an expedition, the experiment was brand new but perfect for the current climate. For which the children were given nine days time.In this experiment all students of the school were included. The mission was … Say No To Mobile. The school took the initiative and the students took off.

The school may have talked about this mission very simply and nicely and that is why most of the children coming home said to parents that we are not going to hand over the mobile one week. It is most common issue for every parents today. The beginning was a bit tough for them but then from the second and third days their behavior changed. Many of the free time they enjoyed began sharing stories with the family, some choosing to go out in the open with friends, some started watching Tv programs with the family. So many have enjoyed the world of drawing, mehndi, cooking, cycling. Even for a while, it was a great pleasure for parents. Otherwise, many children with parents in a two wheeler or in a car have no idea what is happening around them. Whether or not it is so deeply entrenched in the world of mobile game talk. Yes, because of that parents live free but child is losing a lot. But ..this mission has brought utterly change.

945 children of that School could fulfill this mission in its true meaning. Although we may find this figure to be small in general terms, the figure is huge in this world of Madness of Mobile.

In terms of dates, the task of the children was completed, but the freedom and positivity that has come to many children after the say no to mobile mission remains intact.

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