Mother-Teacher Concept


Mother-Teacher Concept

“Teachers hold their students “ hand for a short while, but their hearts for ever’. This concept helps in- Understanding the child and developing an emotional bond between the learner and teacher. Helps in better insight to various developmental stages of the child, especially cognitive and emotional. Both the learner and teacher spend more time with each other and the teacher personally knows the areas of concern. Academically it gives time for the child to remain abreast with his peers. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the teacher, at the end of the session, on accomplishing the set targets as per the potential of the child and helping in the positive growth graph of each student.

CONCLUSION   :  So, I think mother teacher concept is useful for  students overall development. Culture is the fabric of ideas, ideals, beliefs, skills, methods of thinking, values and customs into which these children are born. Especially as a teacher to teach them and show good examples.

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