Purpose of school holidays…..

  • During the April-May holidays, students are expected to complete a holiday assignments, use the holidays to prepare for assessments in the new term, as well as undertake the topics which teachers cannot complete during the school term.
  • There are also compulsory co-curricular activity (CCA) sessions during the holidays.
  • The school holidays are for students to unwind and get more prepared for the next term.
  • However, if students are inundated with school assignments and activities during the one-week break, is it possible to get that rest, let alone have any personal time?
  • The high levels of stress students are facing can be detrimental to their emotional and physical well-being.
  • Teachers also do not get their rest during holidays as they may be involved in CCA sessions or other school activities with students.
  • They also need to spend time with their families, as do students with their families.
  • Perhaps it is time to review the purpose of holidays.
  • For instance, consider if the curriculum is realistic, and weigh the workload of students and teachers, including their involvement in CCAs and school activities.
  • More effort needs to go into ensuring the well-being of our students and teachers.

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