Don’t Waste Your Time: Time Wasted is Life Wasted

You know, life is really very short. None of us knows when it is time for us go. None of us knows if not today is our very last day on Earth. For some it will be. So how can you be so sure that today is not also your last day on Earth? How can you be so sure that you will still be here tomorrow?

I don’t know whether I will still be around tomorrow. I guess so, but I don’t know for sure. And neither do you.

Our time on Earth is shortened every moment, whether we like it or not. And once a moment is gone, it is “gone forever.” It is deducted from the number of moments we were given when we were born. And with every breath we take, that number shrinks.

Sure, time is an illusion. As Djwal Khul put it, „Time is the sequence of events and of states of consciousness as registered by the physical brain. Where no physical brain exists, what humanity understands by time is nonexistent.”

Or, in the words of A Course in Miracles, time is a learning device. So, time is a teaching device which will cease to exist when it is no longer useful in facilitating learning.

Time as we understand it is actually non-existent because the only thing that really exists is the Eternal Now. However, so long as we are working here with time and space, and that applies to all of us here on Earth, the purpose of time and space is to facilitate learning.

Said another way: the little time that is given us is precious. Some peopel like to say: time is money. I like to say: time is Spiritual growth!

Ultimately, we are all eternal, but if we want to break free from the limitations of time and space that we are all caught up in here, then we need to use the precious time that is given us to learn what we have come here to do because, again, the purpose of time is to facilitate learning.

And so I thought today i would just love to lovingly remind all of us that we are here on Earth to learn some lessons.

So many people literally waste their time and their lives. They go from one relationship to the next without learning anything. They waste their life indulging the lower self, reading boulevard magazines to hear the latest gossip, and never close their eyes to go within. Never close their eyes to ask themselves what life is actually all about.

Life is about realizing our divinity. We are here to merge with our Divine Self on Earth and live in love. We are here to be of service to the world. We are here to make the world a better place. We are here to advance humanity to the next higher level of evolution. We are here to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We are here to transcend the lower self and transcend fear, and not indulge the lower self and buy into fear.

So, always remind yourself that ultimately your life span on Earth is very short. Use every moment of your life wisely to help you realize that you are Divine and so is everyone else! This is the whole purpose of incarnating on Earth.

Think about it. I hope I could be of service to you today. Have a beautiful day. Bye bye.

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