The General elections-2019 will be shortly schedule in the end of April. So, now it is the beginning of the war for the throne. We have been continuously seeing the degradation of politics in India, since our independence in 1947.We witness  most of the bad behaviour of politicians complaining . We all are also worried about the problems like Corruption, Unemployment, Illiteracy, Increasing crime rate, Terrorism, Poverty and so on. Many of us really want to do something to change this situation, but, can’t actually do anything, due to many different reasons.

India is the biggest democracy country in the world. But, is India also the strongest Democracy? I would say ‘NO’. What is Democracy? “Abraham Lincoln had defined Democracy as the government-‘Of the People, By the People, For the People.’ Is it true for India? Is the Government here really working or even worried about the People? Millions of citizens are struggling everyday just to get food for survival. Thousands of youth are struggling just to get a job. Many of our citizens are being killed everyday in terrorist and similar attacks in various part of the country. And all this has been going on since long. What have been the Governments doing? We just get the news of an ever increasing amount of corruption and decreasing standard of the politics in our Country.

In a Democracy, elections are the biggest opportunity to bring about the changes. And VOTE is the biggest weapon for this change. We are lucky to have a democracy in our country, in which every adult has a right to cast vote. We are the biggest democracy in the world, but, at the same time, we are continuously becoming a weaker and weaker democracy

If we are worried about our future and the future of our country, then all of us must cast our votes. ‘Voting’ is not only our ‘Right’. In fact, it is our responsibility as a citizen and we all must fulfill this responsibility with seriousness. We all MUST cast our vote and must also inspire others to cast their votes because this is the strongest weapon in our hands with the help of which we can solve our problems and can bring a great revolution in the country without a drop of blood

It is up to the Individual to decide whom he/she wants to vote. But, before casting our vote, we must think about the past performance of the particular party & its agenda for the future. We all must vote without getting affected by the factors like caste or religion. Instead our focus should be on factors like the party’s stand on National Security, Terrorism, Poverty, Unemployment, Literacy and other important issues.


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