01] Take a few minutes to stretch and wake up with ease and grace. Don’t start rushing the moment you wake up.

02] Start your day reading something uplifting. A book , a quote , a poem.. anything that makes you feel good.

03]Mediate or pray daily .whichever of the two you prefer .or do both.

04]Don’t take things personally .What others say and do is about them. Its never about you.

05]Train yourself to look for the beauty and goodness in your surroundings and people.

06]Spend time in nature. Walk around leisure in nature, even if for 10 minutes a day.And try doing this in solitude and quiet.

07]Count your blessings instead of resentments, grudges,problems.We each have blessings in our lives.

08]Don’t compete with others. Work on creating for yourself what you truly want. Not because someone else has it.

09]Breathe ,yes just breathe.close your eyes, and just for a few moments, focus on your breath.

10]Declutter your space and your mind.

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