Why citizens will keep dying due to potholes.

Every year during Monsoon Season we get to here about the poor quality of our ROADS, deaths roll high during the Rains. Citizens loosing their lives in accidents caused by Potholes .The news report causes uproar, the administration gets into action and few patches are repaired urgently. Those who are supposed to be bothered by such incidents or held accountable know it is a temporary issue and every thing is forgotten in a few days. The basic problem remains unaddressed.

The reasons behind those roads are not unknown –corruption ,lack of monitoring, road construction work by the Administration ,various authorities including the state government, allows  multiple private agencies to handle roads in one city

What we Citizens know is the quality of the road is so poor that several roads develop potholes in just a few spells of rains. Audits on such work are hardly conducted and even if they are ,nobody takes  it seriously. Infact this is a fallout of poor governance in our civic bodies. Most of these municipalities have budget running into thousand of crores but there is a little control how to spend their funds collected by the tax-payers. The result ,the poor quality of civic amenities is poor .Roads come into focus because the potholes affect us and are clearly visible.

So, nobody bothers to change this situation . On the other end foothpath are either non-existent or occupied with hawkers and squatters. Thereby rains cause water clogging ,due to which there is poor drainage sewage .Manholes are flooded causing death accidents .Citizens pay for their lives by the  uncontrolled potholes.

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